Why is weeing good for you?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Why is weeing good for you?
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How does it rain in the lake district?

god weeing

Why do dogs yawn after they pee?

because weeing is tiring

Why has the aral sea began to sink?

by borat weeing.

Why she is doing like this?

dancing in the night pooing and weeing

Your rabbit is weeing too much what should you do?

feed it pie

How about you go do a wee?

You have a drink and then your kidneys sort out the waste and good stuff. The waste goes into a special bag and then it travels into your winkle and you do a wee wee. Have fun weeing!!

How do Christians celebrate?

they jump up and down weeing on th pope

How do you stop your king Charles weeing at night in the house?

You take it out for a walk, jerk!

Does pooping a lot mean pregnant?

Defiantly not! Some signs are sickness (normally in the morning) and weeing allot is a sign, If you are weeing allot do not worry it doesn't mean THAT you are pregnant it is something that comes with it. For information just message me Jess999

Where can you find a cookie monster backpack weeing nerd glasses in tyler?

Not sure in Tyler, but there in Walmart. :)

Why has your 11 year old Staffordshire bull terrier started pooing and weeing in the house and tearing up furniture?

This would be very difficult to answer accurately without knowing the circumstances of the dog, but it could be due to stress, maybe something changed in the dog's environment. The pooing and weeing could be due to a physical problem the dog has, so it could be a good idea to take the dog to the vet to have the dog checked out.

If your cat starts weeing everywhere do you think it might be because of an allergy?

no its because their cat litter is dirty