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Because your body should always be 70 percent always full of water

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Q: Why is water so important to the body?
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What are the important to the water?

basically you need water so they need water, there body's are made of water just like you and me and use water so they do not dehydrate.

Why is it important that the large intestine absorbs water and eliminate the?

So that the body does not become dehydrated.

Why is it important that the large intestine absorbs water and not eliminate it?

So that the body does not become dehydrated.

Why drink so much water?

It is important to drink water to keep hydrated. The human body is mostly water, so it is necessary to drink enough water to stay healthy.

Why is water important for the body?

Water is important for the body because it helps transport nutrients to all parts of the body and it also helps in clearing waste out of the body

Why is water important for your body?

water is needed by our body for several reasons water helps to transport substances inside our body. water helps our body to absorb nutrients from food. it helps to regulate our body temperature.

What role does water play in body growth?

Water plays various important roles in the bodies of humans and other animals. Water helps body growth by carrying oxygen through the body so that the organs can grow and thrive.

How important water is to the body?

so we dont dieyou need water because if you are running really fast all your blood presure goes up and bcomes warm so if you drink water it makes your body amd blood cooler for you and also you need water because so you dont drehigatexx

What is the one component of physicalness that most people ignore and why is it important to apply it to your life?

Body Composition is the one component of physical fitness that alot of people ignore. Body Composition is important to apply to your life because it is the percentage of all of the tissues that are in a humans body. Lean body mass also include your muscles, bones, organs and the amount of water that is in the human body as a fluid. Body Compositon is important and espically water in the body because water needs to be in the water at all times so you stay hydrated and it helps move the blood flow throughout your body.

Why is water important to the kidneys?

Kidneys must excrete water in the urine so as to maintain homoeostasis in the body. The kidneys will excrete concentrated urine.

One of the most important inorganic molecules in the human body is?


Why is neatness is important?

cleanliness is important to the body so that there are no bacteria can affect to your body .