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Water is known to be a universal solvent which work as medium for many chemical reactions. Water is so necessary for human or other living beings as it provide medium for many chemical reactions to take place which are essential for living and also it constitute the major part in blood, and excreation removal.

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Q: Why is water important to human?
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Is food the most important human right?

No, food is not the most important human right. Water is.

How does the water cycle effect human lifestyle?

Water cycle brings water to earth's surface. it is important for human's survival.

One of the most important inorganic molecules in the human body is?


What are the most important sources of water in human use?

the most important usage for water is drinking and bathing

What is one of the most important molecules in the human body?


Why is water important in the human body?

Because f*ck you that's why

What is one of the most important inorganic molecules in the human body is?

It is water

What natural resource is vital to human activity?

There are many natural resources that are extremely important to human activity, but without water human activity could not exist. Therefore, water is vital.

Why is it important to have water on mars?

It is important to have water on Mars as it is required for human life. Without it, humans would only be able to stay there as long as the water they brought from Earth lasted.

Why is the water an important resource?

Water is probably the most important resource, for humans cannot survive without water. We can only survive 3 days without water. Also, the food we eat are need water to grow and survive.

What are most important elements needed by the human body?

oxygen, food, water

Was it important to have fresh water nearby a mission?

It's always important to have fresh water near any human habitation, since water is second only to air in our requirements for life.