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Water is important for the body because it helps transport nutrients to all parts of the body and it also helps in clearing waste out of the body

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Q: Why is water important for the body?
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Why is water important for your body?

water is needed by our body for several reasons water helps to transport substances inside our body. water helps our body to absorb nutrients from food. it helps to regulate our body temperature.

One of the most important inorganic molecules in the human body is?


Why is polar in water important to humans?

Water polarity is important in the body because it is responsible for the water molecules remaining together.

What is the most abundant and most important compound in the body?

Water. The body consists of 60-75% water.

What is the most important and most abundant compound in the body?

Water. The body consists of 60-75% water.

Why is drking is important?

Your body has lots of important jobs and it needs water to do many of them.

Why is water so important to the body?

Because your body should always be 70 percent always full of water

What body of water was important to roman trade?

The Mediterranean.

Why is it important for a plant to move water from its roots?

It's important because other parts of the body need water too.

What is important for maintaining a stable thermal environment within the human body?

Water is the most important substance for maintaining body temperature.

Why is it important to use fresh water wisely?

for the safety of our health to prevent our body from diseases

Which important body of water did Balbao discover?

pacific ocean