Why is water a unique molecule?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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it is a mix of o2 and h2o

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Q: Why is water a unique molecule?
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What is the unique structure of a water molecule?


What is the basis for the unique properties that are attributed to the water molecule?

Its structure

What are the unique characteristics of water?

One is that the water molecule is polar. It has a positive and a negative side. The polar attraction of the molecules explains the surface tension of water.

What are water's bad qualities?

Water has several properties that make it a very unique substance. ... the water molecule tends to have a positive charge while the other has a negative charge.

What is most directly responsible for water's unique properties?

Hydrogen bonds between the Oxygen of one molecule and the hydrogen of another :)

What is the chemical configuration of the water water molecule?

configuration of water molecule

The unequal sharing of electrons within a water molecule makes the water molecule .?

Unequal sharing of electrons in a water molecule causes the molecule to be polar.

What are different types of groups in carbonhydrates?

A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom. The unique way in which they bond causes one are of the molecule to be negative and the other area to be positive

How do water's physical properties contribute to its functions?

Water has very unique physical properties; most of them brought on by the hydrogen bonding within water. Water is strongly polar, meaning the water molecule has a distinct positive end and negative end, caused by unshared electrons on one side of the molecule. This causes the positive end of one water molecule to be attracted to the negative end of another water molecule. This inter-molecular attraction gives water surface tension, explains why water sticks to the sides of containers, forms spherical droplets, expands when it freezes, and is why snowflakes are six-sided.

Could Water be a polar molecule?

Water is a polar molecule.

What happens if water is a polar molecule?

Water IS a polar molecule.

Is water an example of molecule?

Water molecule is an important and good example of polar covalent molecule