Why is vomiting so bad for you?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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it brings up stomach acid. if you vomit too much it will dissolve your lungs and esophagus (through)

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Q: Why is vomiting so bad for you?
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Is it bad eating apple after vomiting?

it is Quite bad

Can inducing vomiting after drinking alcohol be bad for your health?

You should never induce vomiting. Stomach acids are very harsh and can damage the esophagus from vomiting too much.

What to do if you have a real bad stomach ache with no fever and induces vomiting slightly?

My stomach is hurting really bad what can I do about

What is the reason for vomiting during food piosoning?

To expel the bad germs or bacteria.

How does meningitis affect your skin?

bad headaches, stiff neck and vomiting a lot..

Why during your menstruation you vomit?

If u have bad menstrual cramps vomiting may occur

Symptoms of bad nerves?

Excessive vomiting Weight loss Restlessness Excessive Worry

What are side effects of lunesta?

Bad taste in your mouth,erectile dysfunction,nausea and vomiting.

Has vinegar worked to pass urine test?

No vinegar would only give you a bad dirrea or violent vomiting,its a bad idea.

How so you throw up painlessly?

The reason vomiting is uncomfortable because it is nature's way of ridding the body of something "bad". If you are vomiting for weight loss, you will eventually erode your esophogus and your teeth from the stomach acids you are bringing up. Then you will have bigger problems than "throwing up painfully".

Can dogs eat candy corn?

Probably not , they have had results of vomiting and having bad tummy aches so it is best NOT to feed your dog or others dogs candy corn! -Sydney

Is Oxycontin bad for the intestines?

Nausea, vomiting, constipation are all possible side effects of oxycontin.