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It would look weird if they were green or red, you'd look like demon. Anyway God made it that way so shut up

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Q: Why is the whites of your eyes so white?
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Why are your whites of your eyes not white?

The white part of the eye, called the sclera, can appear discolored due to various reasons such as allergies, inflammation, lack of sleep, or underlying health conditions like jaundice or liver problems. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment if you are concerned about the color of your eyes.

Is Seeing the balls of your eyes an idiom?

No. You might be thinking of "the WHITES of your eyes" which means the white part of your eyeball. There is a saying "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes," which means not to shoot until they get close enough.

What is the proper name for the whites of the eyes?

The proper name for the whites of the eyes is the sclera. It is the tough, white outer layer of the eyeball that helps maintain the shape of the eye and protect its inner components.

What do Eyes eggs a load of laundry have in common?

They all have whites

Is any type of hamster white without red eyes that does not bite?

Well there are winter whites but they are grey but in the winter if they get cold they turn white. There eyes can be red but most are black.

What were the American soldiers inscructed hold fire until they saw?

"The whites of their eyes"...

This is for icing what to use if you do not have white?

White? Do you mean egg whites for a meringue icing? If so, you can't substitute for egg whites unless you have purchased powdered egg whites. Do you mean white as a color and flavor? Any color/flavor will do, depending on your taste.

What does it mean when a woman shows the whites of her eyes?

Nothing. It's fairly hard to avoid showing the whites of your eyes.

Is it normal for the whites of your eyes to go yellow?

no it isnt. if the whites in your eyes become yellow, you may have jaundice or malaria

How many different shades of white are there?

There is only one true shade of white in existence. It is so bright that it is almost invisible to our eyes. However, just as many shades of slight imperfect whites exist as shades of any other color.

What happened if you stir the egg white?

stirring egg whites begin to break down the albumen so that the whites combine

What is another name for the sclera?

Also called sclerotic, sclerotic coat.The sclera is also known, colloquially, as the "whites" of your eyes."white of the eye"