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It exposes too many organisms to antibiotics, and exposing them too frequently. This results in the opportunity for the organisms to become resistant to the antibiotics. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are becoming a more and more serious public health threat.

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Q: Why is the overuse of antibiotics a problem?
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How did improving treatment of patients with antibiotics lead to new problem?

Overuse of antibiotics has caused a serious problem in terms of human health. Bacteria have developed resistance to antibiotics, and ones which were once easily treatable are extremely difficult to treat. Some of these resistant bacteria are causing deaths which would have once been preventable.

What if you overuse antibiotics when you have a bacteria infection?

You run the risk of liver failure and toxicity

What will happen to bacteria if antibiotics are over used?

The bacteria will become immune to the antibiotics.

What is over use?

Overuse is to use or repeat something for too long. The Medical profession is warning that the overuse of antibiotics is leading to growing resistance in bacteria.

Is there a cause for MRSA?

When it comes to a cause to MRSA, it normally starts with antibiotics Overuse And Improperly.

Can you identify a possible risk of overuse of antibiotics?

bacteria and fungi will become immune to them, causing infections such as MRSA.

Why has there been a large increase of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria?

Overuse of traditional antibiotics has caused a selection of those bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic.

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