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the history of indio to fili


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Q: Why is the filipino called indio's in spanish period?
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What was the status of Filipino women during pre-spanish period?

Prior to the Spanish period, Filipino women were taught to be submissive, demure, modest, and religious. Parents taught young girls this way of life from infancy.

What was the results of filipino revolts during spanish period?

all revolts from Lakan-Dula to Apolinario de la Cruz, had failed

Forms of entertainment of Filipino during Spanish period?

Cockfighting..which is a form of entertainment, which is also a form of gambling according to FEODOR JAGOR.

What is someone of Spanish blood but Mexican born called?

Mexican. During the Spanish colonial period, such people were called Creoles in English and Criollos in Spanish.

Filipino composers of classical period?


What is the difference between Filipino and spanish?

Spanish is a Romance language, related to Latin and Italian. Tagalog is an Austronesian language, related to Hawaiian and Fijian. The two languages are COMPLETELY unrelated. The only connection is that Tagalog has borrowed many words from Spanish over a period of 300 years.

What is the National language during commonwealth period?


Filipino drama during Japanese period?


Who were the Filipino heroes during the Spanish period?

The very first Filipino to have opposed the Spaniards was Datu Lapu-Lapu of Mactan Island. Other heroes were Padre Gomez, Padre Burgos and Padre Zamora. Their death had an impact on Jose Rizal who was very young at the time of their execution.

Compare the system of making laws during the pre-Spanish period with that during the Spanish administration?

it is so brutal because the Spaniards is very unfair to Filipino people in making laws because when the Filipino people has committed sin to the Spaniards the Filipinos will directly go to judgement while when the Spaniards committed sin to Filipinos the Filipinos will need an appropriate proof..

What is the filipino word for harp?

The Tagalog word for harp is alpa or arpa, from the Spanish word arpa.The harp was one of the most popular instruments during the Spanish period of the Philippines which lasted 3 centuries (333 years). It was considered the national instrument.

What is print making during spanish period?

printmaking during spanish period