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that sounds very wrong.

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Q: Why is that your feces is colored green?
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What makes human feces green?

Green stools are generally caused by eating dark-colored foods and especially drinks. So if you enjoy drinking purple and blue drinks, your feces may be green instead of the usual brown color. The reason it becomes green is because bile is yellow, and yellow and blue make green.

What is the treatment for having a green color feces in human?

Green color feces in humans can be caused by factors like diet, bile pigments, or intestinal issues. If it's due to diet, it usually resolves on its own. If it persists or is accompanied by other symptoms, it's best to consult a healthcare provider for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Your poop is green how do you fix it?

You have probably eaten or drunk a great deal of purple colored foods or drinks. Many purple drinks use dyes that cause the feces to turn green when processed by the human body.

Will drinking a lot of green tea make your feces green?

uuhhh NO it does not have near enough pigment to change your feces

Who has colored feces?

Pretty much everyone will have a few variations of colored feces in their lives. Sometimes it is due to health concerns, but usually it is just what you ate or drank recently. If you had way too much blue or purple Kool-Aid the day before, then that will color your feces.

Why does your one year old dog have green feces?

The color of feces is caused by something he is eating.

Are there both blue and green colored lasers?

Yes. There are both blue and green colored lasers.

If you are a vegetarian should your feces be green?

No it should not if you have green feces you have a medical problem you should tell an adult you trust and they will give you more information and (if necessary) help.

Why is your feces green after drinking red wine?

The red food coloring in (mostly cheap) red wine combined with the normal brown color of feces = green!

Can water make feces turn green?


Is it normal to have hot pink feces and green urine?


Would drinking a blue drinks make feces green?

Yep. Yellow and blue makes green (there's some yellow in feces from bile). Happens every time I drink an Ocean Water from Sonic.