Why is replanting good?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Why is replanting good?
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What is replanting trees an example of?

replanting trees is an example of

What is rejuvenation of plants?

The act of replanting on existing plants. Often the existing plants are exterminated (burning for example) to enable replanting.

What is a forestry?

forestry is the cutting down and replanting of trees.

What are cutting down forest without replanting is?


What is part of clear cutting process?

replanting trees

How does one cultivate the ground before replanting?

In order for one to cultivate the ground before replanting, one must get down close to the ground and dig up the soil and remove any weeds that are there. The main object is to make sure that the soil is cleaned of twigs and weeds and is nicely dug up for replanting.

Good human impact on the rainforest?

it think that afforestation will work in forests as well as homes

How would water infiltration be affected by replanting vegetation?

By replanting vegetation, the speed of precipitation is reduced, giving the ground more time to absorb the water which would be stored on Earth's surface.

How do people claen up after earthquaukes?

by replanting and getting new supplies

What is the process of clearing land of trees?


Forests are being replanted everyday across the ukwrite a short article for your local newspaper explaining the benefits of replanting?

replanting would help to incrase oxygene level and more photosynthesis would take place

Are people replanting in the coniferous forest?

people are but it usually happens by natural succession