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Q: Why is poverty a public health concern?
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What are schools of public health?

A school of public health is dedicated to researching disease and disseminating this information to the public to help prevent disease. There is a special focus on the disadvantaged and poverty-stricken.

What is the focus of a poverty law practice?

In this area, lawyers deal with issues such as welfare rights, health, education, public assistance, or housing.

What current issues are facing Cambodia?

There are many issues facing a post-conflict Cambodia including poverty, education, health, infrastructures, justice system, human rights, and public administration.

Why is Health Day celebrated?

April 7th of each year is designated as World Health Day and celebrated by the 191 member countries of the World Health Organization to emphasize significant issues in public health of worldwide concern.

Which of the following topics is NOT a main concern of sociologist?

causes and patterns of poverty or crime

What has the author Harry S Mustard written?

Harry S. Mustard has written: 'Government in public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'An introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'Mustard's introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'An introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public Health, Public health

What is sentence for concern?

May I know your concern, sir?I have a lot of concern for your health.

What were the goal of the black panther party?

The Black Panther Party aimed to alleviate poverty, improve health, and soften the public images of inner-city black communities.

What are the health riskes in songwriting?

Poverty and depression :)

What is the poverty cycle?

The poverty cycle is a cycle that shows the different factors of poverty. Born into poverty- health problems- lack of education- lack of job-(that is the poverty cycle but it keeps on repeating

The American obesity association was formed to address obesity as a public health concern and to remove the barriers to effectively treat those who are obese true false?

That is true!

What is the number one health concern for pugs?

The number one concern is Obesity.