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Obesity can be caused by a number of diseases, but many of the cases are 'self-inflicted'. Poor choices in diet (saturated fats and sugar) and little or no exercise quickly allow for a build up of energy in fat reserves.

In the Western world, highly refined foods, often containing a lot of sugar and/or fats, is relatively cheap and easy to acquire. Additionally the use of cars for door-to-door transport, jobs done sitting down, 'couch entertainment' and dedicated delivery services, enable people to spend less and less energy moving around preventing them from burning off excess energy.

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Q: Why is obesity aHealth problem in Western Countries?
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Was obesity a problem in ancient Greece?

Obesity was around in Ancient Greece but it was never seen as a bad thing. In fact obesity was a good sign as it showed off how rich you and your family were. This theory is still used in poor countries to show your wealth.

Is it legal to be obese?

Yes it is. Obesity is entirely legal in all countries all over the world, although most countries have campaigns in place to combat the growing problem of obesity. It is also very unhealthy to be obese. so yes its legal but its very unhealthy!

Is obesity a big problem?

Yes and No

Is obesity a problem in the US?


Is obesity a problem in America?


Is there an obesity problem in Hong Kong?

not really

Who is somebody that has died from obesity?

Obesity, in and of itself, isn't deadly. It's all the other complications that usually go along with the obesity that are the problem.

What are some current world problems?

Some current world problems include hunger, deforestation, HIV/AIDS, and the desiccation of the Sahara. Obesity is a problem in developed countries.

Why is obesity a problem?

It can lead to disaproval and health issues.

What is th epast tense of obesity?

Only verbs have past present and future tenses. Obesity is not a verb it is a noun. His obesity is becoming a problem for him - (is becoming is the verb)

Is obesity a growing problem for young people in Ireland?

Yes, it is becoming a bigger problem.

Is obesity a genetic problem?

There are many reasons behind obesity and genes are one of them. According to research, the percentage of obesity that can be attributed to genetics varies, depending on the population examined, from 6% to 85%. Thus, it can be concluded that it is a genetic problem in quite a few cases.