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I can't think of a single reason. Water is used when taking pills to wash them down. It's basically a simple example of physics. Cold or warm, the properties of water don't change in this instance, so either should work.

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Q: Why is not advisable to take in pills using cold water?
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Is it a good science project to dissolve pills with liquids?

Yes. That's a good science project.That's what I'm doing for the science fair.I'm going to dissolve different types of pills with cold water and time which ones take more or less.Then we're going to test it again-but this time with hot water.Then wer'e going to be able to tell what is the difference between using hot water and cold water.

Is it dangerous to use cold pills as sleeping pills?

you can use these pills,but in less dose.

Why is it advisable to pour cold water on burns caused on human body by hot bodies?

it helps to put a burn under cold water because it stops the burn from going deeper into the tissue.

Does using cold water make you hair softer?

Well what I do is leave conditioner in for 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. It seems that cold water helps alot to.

Would the answer be the same if you used warm and cold water and green dye?

No because your using warm and cold water not hot warm or cold water and green dye

Is it advisable to drink cold water during pregnancy?

Yes; it does not have to be cold necessarily. But you should definitely keep your water intake at a higher ratio than your sodas and other beverages. It can keep your body hydrated and help cleanse your body.

When using hot water it goes cold when a cold water faucet is open?

because there no backflow perventer on laves and toilets

Why do not take medicine's with cold water?

Although there are reports that people should not take pills with cold water, it's not necessarily true. You shouldn't take medication with hot water since it can cause the pill to dissolve before it hits your stomach.

How do you convert water vapour to water?

Cool it down, for example by using a piece of cold glass

Does using cold air blowers on a car cause the car to use more water?

Abnormally cold air is harder to generate. It is said that a car will use more petrol and/or water to do this. So yes, using cold air blowers will use a little bit more water and/or petrol

Why is the water so cold in the room of frigidarium?

The water was cold so that it would close up pores that would have been opened up by the hotter water of the tepidarium and caldarium. It was sometimes kept cold using snow.

When using the kitchen sink why does the water in the shower upstairs go hot or cold?

The plaming tubes are all conected.When the cold water run in kitchen the cold water at the shower become less,so with less cold water at the mix cold-hot (the balance is desterb),making the water hoter.Same if you turn on the hot in the kitchen the water will be colder in the shower.