Why is just cause rated mature?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Why is just cause rated mature?
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Just cause rated mature?

Just cause is rated 15.

Why was just cause 2 rated mature?

Because of violence.

What is the rating for just cause 3?

Just Cause 2 is rated 18 because of violence, but I think that it should be rated 16.

Why is Just Cause rated M?

Just cause is rated M for violence drugs animated blood and I think alcohol abuse thus standing for Mature or the people that chose Mature chose it for more reasons that they saw I hope this answered your question

What age is Just Cause 2 on PS3 rated?

15 18 It is rated M mature for Blood, Drug Reference, Violence, Sexual Themes, Language

Why is Thief Deadly Shadows rated M for Mature?

cause it has the word deadly in it

Is just cause 2 appropiate?

Just Cause 2 is a rated M for mature, so contains an amount of sexual themes, alcohol reference, blood/gore and extremely high language appropriate to that rating.

What age is just cause 2?

M for Mature

What is Naughty Bear rated?

Its rated M for mature

Why is Halo 3 rated mature?

Yes, it is rated M for Mature. but I don't see why. It's just star wars with some blood ant swears. I mean, come on ESRB!

What is gta5 rated?

it is rated M for Mature

What will socom 4 be rated?

It is rated Mature or M