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For the same reason most people don't sing with an accent ... they're matching the syllables to the music and that negates most accents.

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2013-11-23 04:23:22
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Q: Why is it when british people sing they don't have their accents?
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Why do British people sing in American accents?

It's not just British, most people seem to lose accent when they sing.

Why do british singers loose their accents when they sing?

Most singers at least partially "lose" their accents when they sing, especially classically trained singers. This is mainly because most singers are taught to use "pure vowels" when singing and to more precisely enunciate consonants, which makes their diction when singing clearer and easier to understand while reducing their dialect or accent.

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Haha nice question. It sounds weird, but actually all singers with good teachers are *taught* to sing that way. That way, you don't sing with an obnoxious childish or country accent, because accents are always exaggerated when singing. Even if you don't think you sing that way, unless you sing with a bit of a British accent, your vowels tend to sound bad and/or cause you to go sharp or flat, ruining the piece. When I was in choir, the teachers called it "tall vowels," but they said it like: Towl vahwels. Make your mouth tall and in an O shape: that's what they had us do. :) No lie.

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Why do British people sing in American accents?

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