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The indigestible parts of the foods we eat contain toxins that must be flushed out of our system. If this is not done regularly through urination or defecation the level of toxins in our body would eventually be lethal.

In my case the last info was correct and that I have liver cirrhosis I must go to the head 3 times per day (24) hour time spand. Liver disease such as bad as mine can be lethal. The levels of ammonia that get into my blood stream are what I call a coma state of mind. Very confused and disoriented.

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Q: Why is it necessary to remove wastes from the body?
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The function of the is to remove wastes from the body?

The function of the digestive system is to remove wastes from the body.

Why do people defecate and urinate?

remove the toxins and wastes from the body that can interfere with normal body function

How does a zebra remove cellular wastes not feces?

how does a zebra remove cellular wastes from its body?

What is the main function of the excretory system?

To collect wastes and remove them from the body.

What body system remove wastes from the body cell?

The excretory system

What helps the body remove liquid wastes?

the bladder

What does nephridia remove what substance from the body?

metabolic wastes

When wastes are present in the blood they are filtered out and removed from the body by the?

The kidneys remove nitrogenous wastes from the blood through filtering. The skin and liver remove other types of wastes.

Why animals have to excrete?

animals have to excrete to remove wastes from their body

How does a kidney remove wastes and keep fluids and salts in balance?

can you explain how the kidneys remove wastes and keep fluids and salts in balance?

What are two ways that liquid wastes are remove from your body?

Perspiration and urination

Removing wastes from the body?

the lungs and kidney remove it from the blood, the intestines remove solid waste