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Q: Why is it important to use animations and sounds with care?
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What is located on the website 'Heather's Animations'?

On the "Heather's Animations' website you can find free animations and clip art. There are hundreds of different categories available to choose from and use.

How do you use animations on Linux without the super key?

Animations have no direct relation whatsoever to the Super key.

How do you use imovie to make Lego animations?

You can't use imovie for animation. There is a software called "boinx istop motion" for mac. That is what you use to make Lego animations, but it requires you to use a video camera.

Do you have to be VIP to use the typing animations in meez?


How do you use your animations you buy on meez?

Click Your Name In Meez Nations And there is a list like sit,dance, and there is the animations that you bought. click on it and you use your animation. you dont have to keep buying it. once bought, it stays

Can you use the multimedia software Poser to make animations?

Yes you can with Poser 7.

Taking care of hair?

Try Tigi Products or Paul Mitchell. That's what I use ! :) and more important use natural ingredients to hair care

Why is the knowledge use the laboratory wares is important?

The knowledge on how to use laboratory wares is important because that's what you'll be using. Sounds redundant but it's quite obvious.

Get MSN animations?

You can do a google search for good websites for free animations. Or if someone sends you an animation then you can use that by clicking on it, then right clicking on it, then clicking on add and following the short instructions! x

What technology is used for the animation on anime?

Most people use computers to create the animations.

How do you use moves on meez?

You have to buy the animations in Meez Nation. But DO NOTby them in Meez Maker.

What is a program used for creating vector based animations?

Adobe Flash uses vector and bitmap to create animations. There are probably others, which I don't know of. I use Adobe Flash and I'm happy with it.