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Q: Why is it important to take care of our nails?
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What breeds have black nails?

All breeds may have black nails. Usually, dogs get black nails when they are not take care of properly.

What are ways to take care of your skin?

An important thing to remember when it comes to skin care is that anything you put into your body will come out via you hair skin or nails. So it is important that to not only keep skin clean and moisturized, but to also eat well balanced meals and take daily multi vitamins.

How do you take care of the nails?

First Of all Maintaining the nails is very easy to Everybody ... We have to cut the nails approx within 1 week ......If the nails Grow longer and longer It is difficult to handle with it we get some viral diseases while we do something .............

Why it is important to take care of the urinary system?

It's much more important to take care of all your organic systems.

What is the definition of manicure?

The word manicure comes from the latin mani - hand cure - care meaning to take care of the hands and nails Hope this helps

Can you trim baby raccoons nails?

Yes, they are just the same as a puppys nails. Be careful not to trim too short.

How can you get your nails to grow faster naturally?

you can't really. If your nail are damaged they won't grow as fast as you want them to. look after your health and take care of your nails.

Why the parents are important?

Parents are important because they take care of you and if they didn't took care of you, you would die.

Why computer is important?

computer is important in our lives because we take information from it and we always must take care of it

What does it mean if a girl takes care of her nails?

it means she cares about the cleanliness of her nails, and she cares how she looks.

How old should you be before getting acrylic nails?

I don't think there is any age you have to be but you should be old enough to take care of them.

Does selenium grow hair and nails?

Selenium is important for hair and nails.