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Q: Why is it important to keep our organ healthy?
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How do you keep this organ healthy?

by eating healthy food -*

How are you going to keep your organ systems healthy?


What is the function of the human organ system?

To keep you alive, and to keep us to be healthy.

How does the pancreas work with organ sytems to keep the body healthy?


Why is it important to keep fit and healthy when working with children?

you dont have to keep healthy its your choice

What is your Body is organized into that works together to keep you alive and healthy?

cells, tissues, and organ systems

How do blood cells keep you healthy?

Why is it important to keep the blood healthy?

You are important to your mom because?

She did hard labor to keep you healthy

Why are natural resources important to Canada?

to keep canada healthy

Did the Romans think that it was important to keep the army healthy?


Why are grapes important to Italy?

It is fun!! :->

Maintaining Proper Heart Health ?

The heart is the most important organ in the body because it allows everything to run. Of course, maintaining proper heart health is the key to living a long life. A person can keep the organ healthy by eating properly and exercising regularly. Cardio work like running is the perfect way to keep the blood flowing without any problems. Also, a person should consider taking supplements to keep the body and therefore the heart healthy.