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Rental insurance protects all of your belongings in your apartment in the event of a fire or other mishap. You should only buy insurance on things you can't afford to replace, so if you can afford to buy all new stuff - clothes, furniture, you get the idea, then you don't need renters insurance.

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Q: Why is it important to have rental insurance for an apartment?
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How expensive is rental insurance for apartment dwellers?

You can get about $10,000 worth of apartment insurance for about $12 a month.

How much does rental insurance cost?

Well in an apartment it's about $340 or if you're in the U.K

Can rental insurance be changed if you move to a different apartment/ complex?

It's best to check with the insurance provider but you should be able to transfer it with no issues as the insurance is for yourself/your belongings, not the apartment building itself.

What is apartment rental insurance?

There is renters insurance that insures the belongings inside of an apartment in case of robbery, theft, destruction, fire, or any other disaster usually excluding floods.

Why would it be important for tenants of an apartment complex to have insurance on the contents of their apartment?

It is important for tenants of an apartment complex to have insurance on there personal property. Theft fire, and flood are among the biggest reasons to have such a policy.

Do I need rental insurance for a vacation rental home?

Rental insurance is usually for when you buy an apartment or a condominium. It is also a good idea to buy it with your vacation rental home since you do not know what damages your vacation rental home may undergo, and one day a catastrophe may destroy it. You will want to be insured for that.

what are the rates for rental insurance?

There are a variety of types of renter's insurance with many different rates. The differences in rates depends on the situation and how much value there is in the apartment.

If you fell on your apartment stairs is this covered by homeowners insurance?

Usually not. Your apartment building will have a master insurance policy in which this is covered under liability. Now, if someone falls inside of your four walls of your apartment, you can cover this under your rental insurance liability portion of your policy. A normal insurance company can get you a policy usually pretty reasonably priced.

Why is it important to have your own apartment?

Some people prefer to live alone. It is also important to get a rental history established.

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What should be the price for apartment rental insurance?

According to independent insurance agents and brokers of America (IIAB), the average cost for renters insurance is about $12 per month. All depending on the property in question.

What company offers apartment rental insurance?

A person looking for renter's insurance can usually obtain is from any insurance company that deals with real estate. They can usually be found in any local yellow pages.