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Q: Why is it important to drink plenty of liquids when you are sick?
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What should you eat the day after being sick as in vomiting diarrhea and fever?

Soup and drink plenty of liquids

Why should you drink liquids when your sick?


What should you do when you are sick?

drink plenty of water

What do you do when you're sick?

go to the chemist get some cold medicine wrap up in a blanket eat some soup drink plenty of liquids with vitamin c like orange juice and have a bath and sleep.

How can you refrain from being sick?

Stay away from sick people. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also take vitamin C everyday.

Why rest eat right and drink plenty of liquids when sick?

I'm no expert but you have to drink plenty of fluids when your sick to keep from becoming dehydrated. Especially when you are experiancing diarreha and vomitting, you are losing all the water that your body has, so you have to keep the water coming in because it is all going out. Rest is good so your body can regain strength, and when your sick if you go out, your just going to make everyone else sick that is around you. There are different theorys on the whole eating while sick, but clear fluids like water, chicken broth, jello, and sometime clear pop is probably the best things to eat when your not feeling well.

Can babies drink formula with a fever?

Yes, babies can drink formula even if they have a fever. In fact, giving a sick baby as much liquids as possible is a good way to help ease the symptoms of the sickness.

Can you drink alcohol when you are sick?

Alcohol thins the blood and causes dehydration, hydration and fluid intake is important to a successful recovery when you are sick. So, to answer the question, yes you CAN drink, but you shouldn't, it will extend how long it takes to recover.

Why does when your sick your burps taste like eggs?

it means that yo have a parasite and you should drink plenty of milk so itll go away

When you're bored and sick at home write a song maybe write a story and watch TV and relax and go to sleep also drink plenty of water and eat food.?

I think those are great things to do when you are bored and sick.

Does sleeping get you better when sick?

It doesn't get you fully better but it helps a TON because your body repairs itself when you sleep. It also helps to drink plenty of water and fruits and vegatables.

Why are additives important?

They are important because in foods, if you do not have aditives, then you are not getting all of the nutrients you need. Additives send you plenty of fiber and nutrients. If you are not getting the fiber and nutrients that you need you can get very sick.