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because you can grow cavaties and bad breath

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Q: Why is it important to care for your mouth?
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What is the definition of mouth care?

Mouth care is an important aspect of hygiene. Maintaining a healthy oral cavity reduces the risk of oral problems such as bad breath, dry mouth, cold sores or canker.

How would you perform mouth care on an unconscious patient?

With mouth care swabs, solution, and suction. Then moisturize the lips

How can you care the mouth?

not sure what your asking....

What is important about your mouth?

because you can taste with your mouth

How does marlin care for there young?

it @#?'!* in the child's mouth

Why breathing mouth to mouth CPR very important?

becase if you did not give mouth to mouth they would die

Which part of your body does an orthodonist take care of?

Mouth and teeth,

Effects of improper care of teeth?

Improper care of teeth can lead the worst mouth disease (GENGAVITIS

Why is Care in a friendship important?

care in friendship is very important you have to care for friends that's when emotions come into care what i mean is no care very bad emotions

Professional rescuers should stop care if?

i am a firefighter/emt and we no longer do mouth to mouth for the breath process we use mouth apparatis safer and more effective

Who are the patients who need frequent mouth care?

Patients who are bedridden, have difficulty swallowing, breathe through their mouth, or have dry mouth due to medications may need frequent mouth care to prevent oral health issues like cavities or infections. Additionally, patients undergoing cancer treatment or with conditions that weaken the immune system may benefit from frequent mouth care to prevent complications.

Why it is important to follow the agreed care plan relating to pressure area care?

why it is important to follow the agreed care plan relating to pressure care