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Q: Why is it important to be emotionally healthy?
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What is emotionally healthy person?

The word used to describe an emotionally healthy person is "sane".

Needs to be emotionally mentally and socially healthy?

You need to be emotionally, mentally and socially healthy. It is because it keeps you stable in society.

What are the benefits of being emotionally healthy?

Emotionally healthy people do not break down easily. They have strong reaction to depressing situations.

What do emotionally healthy people learn to control?


How do you be mentality healthy?

No stress just be clam it's just basically emotionally Healthy

How can be a person called healthy?

a person is called healthy if he/she is mentally,emotionally and physically fit.

What example of healthy family?

A healthy family eats mostly fruits and vegetables, exercises regularly, and is emotionally healthy.

How is bullying related to healthy living?

There are at least two ways that bullying ties in with health. One is that emotionally healthy people do not bully others. The other is that victims of bullying are not as healthy physically and emotionally as those who are not bullied.

Is having a friend with benefits emotionally healthy?

well i don't see why it wouldn't be

Can a person with a mental illness be capable of living an emotionally healthy lifestyle?


How is emotional heath unhealthy?

Emotion healthy affects reasoning. And if one is healthy emotionally, such a person wont be able to think straight.

Are animals always sane?

If they are healthy emotionally, physically, mentally, intellectually and socially, yes.