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Q: Why is it important that you respond to the changes in the other persons?
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Why is it important that you respond to the changes in the other person's reaction?

Responding to changes in the other person's reaction is important for effective communication and building strong relationships. It shows that you are attentive, understanding, and willing to adapt to better connect with them. By acknowledging their reaction, you can address any misunderstandings, prevent conflicts, and demonstrate respect for their feelings.

Give two reasons why it is important for animals to be able to detect changes in their surroundings?

Animals are able to detect changes in their surroundings so that they can defend themselves if there are predators. Additionally, being able to detect changes allows animals to know when to begin hibernating.

Why is empathy important in marriage?

because u don't want to hurt the other persons feelings....

Why is Taylor Swift's contribution important?

because she won contests and other persons liked her singing

Describe the process of threading Why is threading important in the OnLine Learning System?

Threading is important tools because it is a way that students respond to each other

How personality is shown?

personality is shown through a persons total behavior and by the response of other people to that behavior, the impact of a person's behavior causes others to respond favorably or unfavorably.

Why are reflexes so important when playing sport?

Because if you are slow to respond to the actions of other player/players, you lose.

What are the warning signs of drug and alcohol abuse?

Changes in behavior. Loss of interest in Family & other activities that had been important in persons life. Skipping school. Avoiding responsibility. Always needs money or is out of money with nothing to show for it. Excessive sleeping where there was none before.

Why is it important to have sellf-respect?

Because it shows that you dont care what other people say or think about you and you respect yourself enough not to respond to them

What type of receptor detect heat and cold?

Thermoreceptors are the type of receptors that detect heat and cold. They are specialized nerve endings located in the skin and other tissues that respond to changes in temperature.

How would you respond to a manager who said Employees cannot be motivated with money?

I would say it depends on each persons needs, so if they do not need money then they will be motivated in other ways, but they are at work, so they must need money.

Why is it important to be a good sports in games?

Good sportsmanship is important as if one team will be unfair the other team will respond in the same way. To promote healthy games and fair games good sportmanship is necessary.