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Regular health checkups for women are very important because of several reasons - for example in order to prevent Breast cancer. In general most women using hormonal contraception have a higher risk of several different cancer / tumor conditions.

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Q: Why is it important for women to have regular health checkups?
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Is it normal for a 16 year old who is 7 months pregnant and eats a lot and not have much of a stomach compared to other pregnant women.?

Some women show a lot and others don't even have to wear maternity clothes. It depends on body build, how the baby is carried and genetics. If you haven't seen your doctor please do because you should be having regular checkups for your health and that of your babys.

What can women do to contribute to a healthy pregnancy?

Eat right and exercise and go to the doctor for the checkups.

Is it healthy for a girl to masturabte at the age of 14?

There are no known health problems related to regular masturbation - either for men or for women.

How long does it take for you to get pregnant?

It really all depends on your health, lifestyle and age. Women are likely to conceive 14 - 18 days after the first date of their menstrual period. However, regular checkups and pap smears are recommend if you are serious in starting a family. I have read that the average couple tries to get pregnant for about a year before being successful. But as stated above, it really all depends.

What has the author Blundell written?

Blundell has written: 'Observations on some of the more important diseases of women' -- subject(s): Diseases, Women, Gynecology, Women's Health

Why health education is important for women health?

Because ultimately we are responsible for our own health with the help of our health care advisors (doctors). Without some understanding of the basics - we are not able to fully participate in our own care as an equal.

What are the release dates for Speaking of Women's Health - 2003 Health Tips for Women 1-1?

Speaking of Women's Health - 2003 Health Tips for Women 1-1 was released on: USA: 2003

When was Women's Health - magazine - created?

Women's Health - magazine - was created in 2005.

How long does it take for prostate cancer to kill you?

I know that prostate cancer can be slow growing. Depending on when the cancer is detected and if is treatable - I don't know what treatments can be done for prostate cancer - but if someone out there does, please let us know.I do know that any cancer is more treatable the earlier it is found and that's why it so important to go for annual complete - I mean complete - checkups! it's also important for women to have mammograms, depending on their age, and regular PAP smears, also depending on the woman's age. Men, also of a certain age, should have annual prostate checkups and while we're at it, men can also have breast cancer, so if they find unusual growths they should see their doctor immediately. Men's breast tissue is not fatty like women's breast tissue, but cancer can still develop there.

What is a women's clinic?

A woman's clinic is a clinic where women can go to see the gynecologist, the expert on women's reproductive system. This is where you get checkups, birth control and ultrasounds if you are pregnant. They also test for cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. Some clinics perform abortions.

How are OBGYNs important to society?

More women and babies would die without them saving their lives at birth. They are also saving women's life by finding cancer early etc when they care for women's health.

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