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Because the baby can take care of itself inside mothers body😁😂

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Q: Why is it important for a woman to take care ofher own health?
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Why are observations important in health care?

why would health care be important to observation and inference

Why is it important for a pregnant women to take care of her own health?

Typically, the better a woman's health during pregnancy, the healthier her baby will be. If a woman doesn't take care of her health (drinks, takes drugs, doesn't eat well) the baby very well might suffer as a result.

Why is Health Care Important?

Health care is important in various ways as it serves the general well-being of people. Health care looks at various health issues including hazards, preventions, vaccination and treatment among other things.

Why is the right to refuse health care important?

Patients have a responsibility to make the health care choices they prefer

Why is health and safety important to you?

Because if you can't care your health you can get sick.

How can health care providers work together within the continuum of care?

Health care providers could work together within the continuum of care by making health care more affordable to patients with out health insurance. Good communication skills is important in health care.

Is health and social care important for a social worker?

It is very important.

How important is Hippocrates improving health care?


Which statement is true of health care reform?

Health care reform was an important issue that the Clinton admin. could not resolve

What important vote took place in the US senate social security reform or health care reform?

health care reform

Why reproductive health important?

Reproductive health is important because it help us to know about our reproductive parts and take proper care of our reproductive health.

Why it is important that health and social care settings have health and safety legislation in place?

It isn't. The important thing is that health care and social care settings have good health and safety programs in place. Legislation can encourage that but cannot guarantee it.