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It cools you down.

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Q: Why is it good for the body to perspire?
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Which parts of body perspire much?

underarm/armpit it is one of the part of the body that perspire much especially when you play .

Why you perspire when it is hot?

Its a response from 'the body' to regulate temperature of the body.

How your body is cooled when you perspire is called?


How is your body cold when you perspire?

When you perspire, liquid (perspiration or sweat) is secreted from your skin. When it evaporates into the air it carries small amounts of body heat with it making the body feel cooler.

How do you use the word to perspire in a sentence?

i perspired after my PE class. it means sweat Of the various parts of the body, the underarms perspire the most.

Why do you perspire on hot day?

You perspire in heat because the body needs to get rid of some fluids, and it stays on your skin. Then, the sweat cools and lowers the temperature of your body due to evaporation

Does the body perspire to get rid of toxins?

No. The body perspires to cool down and to regulate body temperature.

Why do I not perspire in high heat or from physical activity?

Not enough fluid in your body. Your body has not enough fluid to produce the perspiration that you need. Drink more good healthy water!

Why do you perspire on a hot day?

Sweating is your body's way of cooling down itself.

Why do you perspire more during warm weather?

the body is trying to cool down?

How you do sentence perspire?

My milk is in perspire.

Perspire in a sentence?

Perspire: To sweat.1. Do you perspire alot when you are riding bike?2. Try not to perspire when you get nervous.3. Can anyone give me a sentence for the word perspire?4. What does the word perspire mean?5. Thank you for telling me what the word perspiremeans.- Never let them see you perspire.