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It is essential that blood flows upward in the body so that it reaches all of the bodies organs including the heart where it is pumped through out the body. It transport nutrients and metabolic waste in the body.

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Q: Why is it essential that blood flow upward in the body?
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What is the blood flow in the body?

The flow or blood

What blood vessel plays the most important role in the regulation of blood flow to tissues?

Aorta. It is essential to blood flow in the Heart (the most important organ in the body).

What is the flow of blood through your heart and around your body called?

Circulation of the blood

What does the process of blood flow with your body called?

blood flow is called circulation

Why does blood move through the body?

Blood contains oxygen and essential nutrients and is delivered to all cells of the body, nourishing each cell and taking the waste products away. The mechanism by which blood moves through the body is through the pumping of the heart and through major arteries which ensures blood flow.

What is an upward flow of air?

An upward flow of (warm) air is known as a Thermal .

What does blood flow inside?

the body

What is the blood flow through the body controlled by?

THe blood flow is controlled by the brain. Please recomend me.

What are the three major circuits of the blood?

Systemic circuit- blood flow in the body Coronary circuit- blood flow in the heart Pulmonary circuit - blood flow in the lungs

How does the blood flow throughout the body?

Your heart pumps your blood, carrying blood cells, throughout the body.

What builds up in the body if blood does not flow out of the capillaries?

Blood clot

What builds up in the body if blood does flow out of the capillaries?

Blood clot