Why is honey useful?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Honey is a food.

For thousands of years man has collected honey, and until the advent of processed sugar from sugar cane or sugar beet, honey was the only way to sweeten food and drink, and many people still use it for sweetening.

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Q: Why is honey useful?
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Are honey bees useful otherthan honey?

Yes, in pollination.

Is honey not good for a diabetic person?

Honey is useful for any diseased except death

What are the pros and cons about honey bee rearing as an industry?

There are no cons about honey bees. They are useful by producing honey, wax, propolis and by pollinating plants.

Is honey is useful for divities patent or not?

No, honey is not a substitute for sugar in someone who has diabetes. It is however, good for allergies and a sweetener.

Is honey good for mice?

Raw Honey is sometimes useful for respiratory ailments in rodents. Used in conjunction with antibiotics it can alleviate the symptoms of distressed breathing.

Is the honey bee a useful insect?

Yes. Without the honey bee, there wouldn't be any honey. Thus they provide a service to us and are useful. It is the only insect that produces food eaten by man. Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water. Honey bees pollinate plants. Without honey bees, you would not have many of the foods you enjoy each day. See related links for some of the plants that would not produce food without honey bees.

Is unhomogenized honey from the area where you live useful in the treatment of some types of allergy?

Unhomogenized honey from the area where you live can be helpful because the local bees have antibodies to the bugs of that particular area.

How is the skin pattern of a cheetah useful to it?

It can be useful as camouflage when they are hunting. A cheetah cub can look like a honey badger, with a stripe on its back, which scares some predators off.

Where do you get honey in HeartGold?

You can't, but you can trade with a person using diamond/pearl/platinum and let it hold honey, so you get it in the trade. p.s. Honey isn't very useful in Pokemon Heart Gold, it's really the equivilent of sweetscent outside of battle. !

What are some useful products from the animals?

animals give us milk,egg,flesh,wool,leather,silk and honey

What are the uses of a honey bee hive?

Most plants require insects to transfer pollen from one flower to another, and most of this pollination is done by bees. Without pollination, plants would not produce seeds or fruit, so bees are not just useful, they are essential for life as we know it.

How do bees help African kids and parents?

The ability to keep bees and sell the surplus honey can give a useful form of income for third-world families