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Healthy eating is good for your health

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Q: Why is healthy eating and active living work together to improve a persons general health?
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What healthy persons can do?

a healthy person means he/she will my not have illness

How can I find out a healthy weight for my height?

You can find some general guides at the FDA website, but it isn't the greatest option, as a healthy weight can vary depending on a persons bone density, lifestyle, and stress level. Your best bet is to have your doctor weight you, and asvise you from there.

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A persons creed is their general beliefs,like religion etc.

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so they don't die

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can improve a persons personal life.

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How many more times does a fit persons heart beat than the average person?

it depends on what they are doing. it will vary between the activity. also on how healthy the person is cardiovascular wise. but generally if the two healthy and average person are just standing still then the more cardiovascular fit healthy persons heart will beat more slowly than the average persons. (no specific number.)

How does the pacemaker help with the circulation in a persons legs?

The pacemaker will regulate the heartbeat, and a regulated heartbeat will regulate the speed blood is moved throughout the body. Improved blood flow, especially in the legs, will improve general health across the board.

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