Why is hdl good?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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its absorbs HDL(bad) and carries it to the liver for removal from the blood

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Q: Why is hdl good?
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Hdl is abbreviation for?

HDL= High Density Lipoprotein (good cholesterol)

What does low HDL indicates?

hdl is your good want it higher and you want your ldl to be lower

Which lipoprotien is decribed as good cholesterol?

The HDL-lipoprotein is the "good cholestrol".HDL is short for "High Density Lipoprotein".

Where can I find an explanation of the cholesterol hdl ratio?

The WebMD website will give you the explanation of the cholesterol HDL ratio and will also tell you the benefits of a good HDL ratio. HDL stands for High Density Lipo-Protein. It is the good cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Is HDL a good fat?


Which is the good cholesterol, HDL or LDL?

HDL or High Density Lipids is the good kind of cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is found in olive oil, salmon, mackerel, seafood and some fatty nuts.

What is different between hdl and ldl cholesterol?

HDL= Good Cholesterol, LDL = Bad Cholesterol

Hdl and ldl prevent cardiovascular disease?

You want your HDL (good) to be higher and your LDL (bad) to be lower.

Interview questions verilog HDL?


Is 85 good for hdl cholesterol?


Where can I find information about cholesterol hdl ratio?

Your cholesterol HDL ratio is calculated by dividing your high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or "good") cholesterol into your total cholesterol. Your doctor can assist you in advising what your optimum HDL ratio should be.

What does LDL of 231 and HDL of 47 mean?

LDL (bad cholesterol) of 104 is reasonably low - and this is good. HDL(good cholesterol) of 65 is significantly high - and this is also good!