Why is hair gel bad?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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It's not bad but it is for children under 7

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Q: Why is hair gel bad?
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Does putting gel in dry hair look bad?


Is styling gel good for black hair?

Styling gel is not bad to any color hair it depends if it was dyed black if not then it shouldn't be a problem unless the bottle says so. :)

Does hair gel keep in loose hair?

Hair gel does keep in loose hair because the plastic in the gel sticks to loose hair

Is hair gel bad for your hair?

Gel is bad for your hair because it contains many different kinds of material in it. Some cheap gels are bad because when they wash of, you sometimes still have some flakes in your hair. Its best to have water or just plain serum.

Is twisting your hair everyday with gel bad?

Well of course it is... you're severely damaging your hair by all those chemicals...

What is hair gel used for?

Mostly person used hair gel for maintain a hair stylies but regular use for hair gel causes of hair damage.....

Why is gel the hair product is bad for you?

because it has loads of chemicals also you should always remember to put on the right ammount of gel on your head and the one that is good and wont make your hair fall out.

Which is the best hair gel in India?

I was searching for best hair gel available in market. I came across this article, hope this helps you to find a best hair gel which suits your hair.

Which hair gel will hold your hair the longest?

icemhair gel

What state of matter is in hair gel?

Hair gel is classified as a solid.

In AQ worlds what is hair-gel for?

The hair-gel changes you hair into slime. To get it, talk to the pizza girl in /join swordhaven . Kill the slimes, and you will then get the hair-gel if you return the quest when complete.

Does Toshiro Hitsugaya use hair gel?

He does use hair gel but Aizen stole it