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It makes you relaxed and it's an aid to good health.

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Q: Why is good posture is important?
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Is good posture important?

It is very important to have a good posture... If not, your bones and your muscles will be stucked forever and it will be permanent. So, meaning, having a good posture.

Why you should practice good posture all times?

because it is important for your habit

Why should you practice good posture at all time?

because it is important for your habit

What is a good sentence for posture?

Her posture during the class was not good. It is an example sentence using posture.

Why is important to have a good posture?

Because it can reduce the risk of developing back, neck and shoulder problems later in life.Another thing, Posture is important because it shows how much self-confidence you have as a person.

How do you use posture in a sentence?

So simple... I have very good posture...use very good posture...u need posture when playin and instrument...

In order to improve your body symmetry its important to?

Using good posture can improve your body symmetry.

Why is good posture important in dance?

it helps us or our bones to be flexible 4 dance moves

Why do you have to have a good posture when singing?

have good posture lets you get more air cause you luges are not compress so you can sing for longer if you have good posture

Is having a good posture important?

Yes it is. Its important not only for looking confident, but also to make your body function properly. Poor posture can lead to several sorts of pain and also make you look scrawny.

How important is flexibility in posture and sports?

flexibility in posture for sports is VERY VERY important. excpesialy when you are in gymnastics because to do all those flips and stuff you have to have good posture and a lot of flexibility. flexibility is also need for other sports such as soccer, cheer, football, softball, baseball, and basketball

How does good posture develop self confidence?

how does good posture develop self confidence