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because it has loads of chemicals also you should always remember to put on the right ammount of gel on your head and the one that is good and wont make your hair fall out.

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Q: Why is gel the hair product is bad for you?
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What was madams first hair product?

hair gel

Hair product with three letters?


Why is hair gel bad?

It's not bad but it is for children under 7

Does putting gel in dry hair look bad?


What is a hair styling product that is a 3 letter word?

Gel is a 3 letter word which is a hairstyling product with e as the second letter.

Who invented hair gel?

In 1929 Chemico, a company based in Birmingham UK, started to market a product called Brylcream.It was the first hair gel on the market

What is the hair product you put in your hair if you dont wash it everyday?

I put water in my hair and then grease and then gel and then hair dantangler and then brush my hair out.

What year was hair gel invented?

In 1929 Chemico, a company based in Birmingham UK, started to market a product called Brylcream. It was the first hair gel on the market.

Does putting lots of gel affect your hair?

It could. It really depends on that person's hair type and structure. Gel can be drying to your hair as it contains alcohol but it also contains protein which is good for your hair at some point. Just be sure to thoroughly shampoo your hair each time or give it a rest from the gel. Excessively using any hair care products can be bad for your hair as it will continue to build up. Use clarifying shampoos to remove product build up every once in a while.

Is styling gel good for black hair?

Styling gel is not bad to any color hair it depends if it was dyed black if not then it shouldn't be a problem unless the bottle says so. :)

Does hair gel keep in loose hair?

Hair gel does keep in loose hair because the plastic in the gel sticks to loose hair

Is hair gel bad for your hair?

Gel is bad for your hair because it contains many different kinds of material in it. Some cheap gels are bad because when they wash of, you sometimes still have some flakes in your hair. Its best to have water or just plain serum.