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Fast food is called fast food because they give it to you fast and it will make you fat fast.

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Q: Why is fast food called fast food?
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What is called the habit of eating food fast?

A Fast Food Junkie

Which food is called as world food?

Fast food.

Why do people called fast food fast food?

Simple, because fast food grant people a fast way to death.... Also people called fast food because fast food is quick to make and usually fast food aren't healthy similar to junk food. People who eat fast food everyday in America are usually obese and fat. (No offense)

Which food is called fast food?


What is called the habit of eating fast?

A Fast Food Junkie

What is fast food service (catering)?

food that is prepared and served very quickly called as fast food service

Why are fast food places disguisting?

its called fast that means its going to be nasty now food it is fastfood

What is a fast food order called?

Take out

What is 'fast food' in German?

Fast food is called Fastfood (or Fast-Food) in German. It is pronounced exactly like it is in English."Schnelles Essen" would be a literal translation of "fast food." Specifically, the adjective "schnelle" means "fast, quick, rapid." The noun "Essen" means "food."

What is the fast food restaurant called on the simpsons?

Are you talking about Krusty Burger? (:

What is a wolfer?

Someone may be called a 'wolfer' if they eat their food fast of greedily.

Which is the most popular kind of food that New Zealanders buy from fast food companies?

The most popular fast food in New Zealand is fish (coated in batter and deep fried) and chips (fries) sold by usually independent fast food shops (locally called takeaways)