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Q: Why is facial expressions important in health and social?
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What are some facial expressions?

There are so many facial expressions that are commonly used in social interactions and are known as emoticons. Some of them include sad, happy, angry, crying, shocked, amazed and so many more.

Is health and social care important for a social worker?

It is very important.

State the importance of social perception?

The importance of social perception is to enable a person to assess, identify and effectively respond to a person's needs by observing their facial expressions, body posture and position and their tone of voice when speaking.

Why is social health important?

Because social health allows you to express your feelings to others instead of keeping it inside you.

Why is health important to oneself?

Because it help us to be fit. It also help us to our Physical health, social health, and mental health.

Why it is important that health and social care settings have health and safety legislation in place?

It isn't. The important thing is that health care and social care settings have good health and safety programs in place. Legislation can encourage that but cannot guarantee it.

The impact of social change on the health status of society?

Social change has an important impact on the social health status of society. As people move up in social status they have access to better food sources, clean water, and access of better medical attention. This significantly improves the population's health status.

Social Health is important?

Sure. Why not. How many people drink and smoke in social outtings or do other crazy things that is detrimental to their health later on? Think twice and live longer I say.

What important vote took place in the US senate social security reform or health care reform?

health care reform

What characteristics do baboons have that lemurs do not have?

Baboons have many traits that lemurs don't, including more dexterous hands, better color vision, improved visual communication (facial expressions), increased social complexity, male dominance, and a more terrestrial lifestyle.

What are 3 expressions of social sin?

social structures, situations, and people who silently allow evil to happen

What is health composed of?

physical health social health mental and emotional health