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because they use their phones wich need energy, and they watch alot of TV

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Q: Why is energy important in teenagers' lives?
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What are the most important events in teenagers lives?

First time father has intercourse with you.

Which type of energy do you consider very important to our lives?

For example, food energy.

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Teenagers like to know that they have the freedom to do many thing and not get in trouble. It is important to them to have a license because they think it's cool to drive their very own car.

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Why do teenagers buy energy drinks?

because they are thirsty

Why are teenagers important when you talk about how spending money changed?

Because teenagers dont value money.

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So you can no what it is and no not do it

Why were cars important to teenagers in the 1950?


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to have respect

How important is electrical energy in our daily lives?

Today, electricity has become an important part of our life. Without it, today's and upcoming generation cannot survive. It is used in our daily life in every work. So,I think it is important and should be saved for future use...