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Q: Why is body modification becoming more accepted?
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When did integers start becoming more popular?

When they finally accepted that they are outnumbered by fractions and decimals.

What is the most dangerous body modification?

Well, Everyone has their own opinion since body modification is always getting more developed but I'd say the tongue split or saline injections are the most dangerous.

What is magnetic therapy used for?

Magnetic therapy is becoming more and more widely accepted as an alternative method of pain relief.

Are transgender women becoming more accepted now?

Yes, there is still a long way to go, but progress is being made.

Are online bachelors degrees becoming more widely accepted?

you can get degrees online at many places, it is best to check reviews on such sites because there are many scams out there. There are less accepted compared to in class.

Who invernted the 1st earring?

The same person who invented the second earring. However in answer to your question, earrings are one of the oldest forms of body modification for cosmetic purposes. They are known to have been used in the ancient Persian Empire, and there is evidence to suggest that historically they have been more a male form of body modification than a female form.

What is Spain Santa?

Traditionally, celebrations of the birth of Jesus have focused more on the role of the Magi than on Santa Claus, in Spain. But Santa Claus is becoming more accepted. And he's ka Papa Noel.

How does body piercing catch the attention of many people?

Piercings are becoming more accepted in the modern age. But a major of them are still somewhat taboo, and frowned upon society. And the taboo tends to lure people in as well. But for those people who LOVE and adore piercings they're body modifications. The jewelry enhances their appearances and it's something THEY truly desire.

What is Behavior Modification is?

Behavior modification is the process of eliminating unwanted behaviors and replacing them with more desirable ones. Behavior modification is along process that involves find the root cause of unwanted behaviors.

How do employers feel about Devry University degrees?

DeVry University degrees are generally thought highly of by employers. Online universities and smaller colleges are becoming more popular and accepted.

If your body starts to feel relaxed your nervous system is becoming more active.?

Parasympathetic nervous system helps your body start to feel relaxed as your nervous system becomes more active.

When micro-evolution occurs over many generations as inherited characteristics leads to changes in populations what has occurred?

Macro-evolution. Or, more accurately, speciation.