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Being healthy is important because it helps you to live a longer, happier life. When you are healthy and take care of your body, there is less of a chance that you will be plagued with problems and illnesses down the line.

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Q: Why is being healthy so important?
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What is the importance to be healthy?

The importance of being healthy effects how your body feels, how much your body can take, and your life span. so yes, it is extremely important to stay healthy.

Why is being healthy important to us?

It feels better to be healthy and is preferable to the alternative, being sick.

Why is it important to have a healthy brain?

It is important to have a healthy brain so you can function correctly

Do we need healthy eating?

Being healthy is an important thing in life you need to be fit and healthy to participate in more things and be more acctracrive with your shape and size.heathy is important because you need to be fit and strong so then you wont die or haveing problems with yourself

Why are minerals in the soil so important to produce healthy crops?


Why is market so important in Guatemala?

to get healthy

Why is a diet important in to day life?

so you can get healthy

Why is biodiversity so important to healthy ecosystems'?


Why do you have to do pe?

so you can get healthy instead of being fat.

Why healthy eating so important?

So you dont die before your meant to.

Why is it so important for dogs to have a diet?

because it will make them healthy

Why is money so important to us?

we can buy healthy stuff