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Copper will oxidize and create that green coating.

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Q: Why is a copper vessel covered with 'green'coating in rainy season?
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Why is a copper vessel covered with a green coating in rainy season?

The copper is oxidized by carbonic acid in the rain to form copper carbonate, a greenish solid.

Why is copper vessel is covered with the green coating in rainy season?

This is copper's version of oxidisation. It occurs very visibly on buildings with copper trim on the roofs.

Why does a copper vessel turn green in color in the rainy season?

An unprotected copper vessel will turn green eventually due to several chemical reactions, regardless of the environment. The wetness of the rainy season simply speeds up the chemical process. The process by which copper turns green in color is due to the slow oxidation of the copper metal into its oxides. Initially copper oxide forms (reddish), replaced by cuprous and cupric sulfide (color varies), and finally by copper carbonate (greenish). The final copper carbonate is highly resistant to corrosion and hence the vessel will remain green.

What happen when copper sulphate is stored in iron vessel?

Since iron is a more active metal than copper, the iron would replace the copper in the copper sulfate, forming iron sulfate, and releasing elemental copper. The copper will not shape itself into a copper vessel, so eventually, the iron sulfate would leak out of the iron vessel, and eventually, if there is enough copper sulfate, the iron vessel will cease to exist.

Why is curd not stored in copper vessel?

Copper is a metal which is acidic in nature. Thus if curd is stored in copper vessel, it shall react with the curd and turn the curd poisonous.

What happens when black uranium is added to copper vessel?

Uranium doesn't react with copper.

When a vessel is exposed to air for a long time then a green coating is formed by which element this vessel is made up of?

the vessel is made up of copper

Can you store copper sulphate solution in silver vessel but not in aluminium vessel?

It is not possible to store copper sulphate solution in iron vessel.since ,iron is more reactive than copper,it displaces copper from any if its solution.the reaction takes place as , Fe(s)+CuSo4(aq)..............>FeSo4(aq)+Cu(s) (Blue color(light green solution)solution)

Where can one find Copper Vessel Sinks?

Copper Vessel sinks can be found at home renovation stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. Vessel sinks are very large bathroom sinks. They are also available in stainless steel or ceramic. A plumber would be able to install it.

Where could a person buy a copper vessel sink?

copper vessel sinks can be purchased from any good and reputable kitchen and bathroom specialists also you may find them in certain mega stores and hardware suppliers

What is the use of a copper bird bath?

A copper bird bath is a copper vessel that holds water for birds to bathe in. One advantage of a copper bird bath over an iron bird bath is that copper does not rust.

Why tarnished copper vessels are cleaned with lemon or tamarind?

Copper oxide is basic in nature.Lemon or tamarind is acidic.Hence, when we rub tarnished copper vessel with lemon juice or tamarind, the basic copper oxide reacts with acid(citric acid) present in the lemon or tamarind to form a salt which is washed away with water.Hence,the vessel gets cleaned.