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Q: Why is Andy more vulnerable than ever?
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Are children more vulnerable to electrolyte imbalances?

Children are more vulnerable than adults to fluid and electrolyte imbalances

Why is windows more vulnerable than Linux?

It's not really more vulnerable. Windows is more widely used so it has more viruses written for it.

Are pedestrians more vulnerable than motorcyclist?


Before he went shopping Andy had 28 After he cashed a check he had more than 75 What is the amount of the check Andy cashed?

Andy cashed a check for more than $47. A+ answers

Does Andy love reese more than reese loves Andy?

Oh HELL no! :)

Are WAN's more vulnerable to viruses and hackers than LAN's?


Which of digital signals and analog signals are more vulnerable to error?

Analogue signals are more vulnerable to error than digital signals. See the related question "Why digital signals are more noise free than analogue signals?" for more details.

Does Reese love Andy more than Andy loves Reese?

You must be freakin' craazzyyy! Of course HE loves HER more! :D

Why are some areas more vulnerable to hazard than others?

it is because thet are more at risk

Who is Andy what sport doe play for?

you are more than likely referring to andy roddick and he is an american tennis star

What factor may make an individual more vulnerable to abuse relates to than other?

describe three factors tha may make a individuals more vulnerable to abuse others

Which is more vulnerable to a hacker attack a windows system or a Linux system?

it depends if firewall setup correctly or not , but in general windows is more vulnerable than Linux