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Q: Why hb is more in normal females?
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What if your hemoglobin level is 8 but RBC count is normal 4.49 is this anemia or worse?

normal range of Hb for male=13-18g% normal range of Hb for female=11-15g% with given information the condition is "hypochromic anemia", plus the basic requisite to be termed as anemia is lowered hb% not decreased RBC count.

Is haemoglobin range of 10.7 normal?

Hb of 10.7 is slightly on the low side

Is 10.8 normal blood count?

if your meaning is for hb then it is slightly low in children, very low in neonates, and low in male and female. hb depends on age and sex.

Do girls have bigger feet?

yes because they are more guy like than normal females

Why do the red blood cells carry less oxygen in a smoker?

Red blood cells contain a protein known as haemoglobin (Hb) which is responsible for carrying about 98% of the body's oxygen (the rest is dissolved in the blood). However oxygen is not the only thing that binds to Hb. Both carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) can also bind to it as well (both of which are chemicals produced in cigarette smoke). The binding of CO2 to Hb is normal, and is how the majority of CO2 in the body is trasported to the lungs for exhalation (as it is a bi-product of energy production in the body). However, both CO2 and CO have higher affinities for Hb (i.e. they are more likely to bind to Hb) in the blood, and so when there is more CO and CO2 around, such as when smokers inhale cigarette smoke, the Hb is more likely to bind CO and CO2 than oxygen. CO2 is far more common than CO, and Hb's affinity for it is lower as well. Hb has an incredibly high affinity for CO which explains why it is so toxic to humans as the Hb it binds to is more or less left unusable in the body. This is my understanding of this all at a 2nd year university level of physiology, but I believe it more or less explains everything.

What does a high MPV mean?

High MPV means that you have more than normal blood platelets. Your doctor will probably run more tests to check for things like leukemia.

Do sporty girls have bigger feet?

yes because they are more guy like than normal females

What is a normal ratio of PCV to Hb?

12.5g/dl hemoglobin what would the hematocrit be

What is the medical abbreviation for HB or hb?


Why 1g of Hb bind to 1.34ml of Oxygen instead 1.39 at full saturation?

1g of Hb can bind with 1.34mL of oxygen instead 1.39 at full saturation because it does so at normal oxygen capacity.

Is it normal to have slow white menstruation?

no / better u go for Hb value in blood /Because ur Hb Value may be come down so the u can seen white menstreation ,and that may by white discarge(leucorrh Dr.B.Karthikeyan B.A.M.S for more detils,

What are normal hemoglobin levels or amounts of iron for adult females?

Normal levels of hemoglobin for adult females past menopause are 11.7 - 13.8 g/dl.