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Q: Why good breathing is essential?
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What is an essential trait?


Which gas in the atmosphere is essential for breathing?


Is the diaphragm muscle?

the diaphragm is a muscle (very essential for breathing)

Is the diaphragm a muscle?

the diaphragm is a muscle (very essential for breathing)

What does the human lung do to help the human body?

how about breathing.... which is essential to most bodily functions.

What are the responsibilities of the medulla oblongata?

Controlling essential body functions like heartbeat and breathing.

What is The first stage of voice production which is also known as breathing?

The first stage of voice production, also known as breathing, is called respiration. During this stage, air is inhaled and exhaled to supply the vocal cords with the necessary airflow for speaking or singing. Proper breathing techniques are essential for good vocal production.

How do you write essential in a sentence?

Essential: "Discipline is essential in an army." It is essential to get good qualifications to get a good job. Having a good school library is essential to getting good qualifications. Does anyone know a good way to explain this to learners of English?

What are reasons why vitamins essential to good health?

Without vitamins, the body cannot convert carbohydrates and fats into energy; it cannot repair and construct new cells; nor, can it carry out normal functions, such as thinking and breathing.

Can you put essential in a sentence?

Exercise is essential to good health.

Breathing is what kind of behavior innate or learned?

Breathing is an innate behavior that is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. It is essential for survival and is not learned, as even newborns automatically know how to breathe.

What air do you breath on earth?

Earths atmosphere is mostly nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%).It is the oxygen that is the essential gas for breathing.