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Some girls prefer that guys have their private parts shaven for sanitary reasons.

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Q: Why girls like guys privative parts shaven?
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Guys do you prefer shaven down there?

Some do. Stubble is annoying.

Why girls and guys wax their Private parts?

Some guys and girls wax their private parts because they like the feel of smooth skin while others do it for cleanliness reasons.

What girls like the most in guys parts?

A big penis!

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Coming from a guy, guys are most excited by a girls ass, and her breasts.

What is the best part of a girls body to a boy?

Well sweet guys your mouth and other guys your 'lady parts'

Does looking at other guys often even at their parts mean you are gay although you like girls and you are more attracted to the girls' personalities than the guys?

Nope! You might just be bisexual or even bicurious.

Why are girls and guys attracted to each other?

Guys and girls are attracted to eachother, simply because God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Plus the body parts go to well together.

Why do guys get girls' attention?

the guys want the girls to notice them

Are you people guys or girls?

Some are guys, some are girls.

Who is better guys or girls?

Well some guys would say guys are, and some girls would say girls are.

Do guys care if girls have a little anal hair?

Depends on the guy. Some guys like hair, some guys dont. I would assume the majority of guys would like a clean shaven butt hole. I like everything to be smooth. Just my personal preference. The only real way to know is to listen to his hints about it or just simply ask him. He will probably be very pleased that you are concerned with what he does and doesnt like.