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Q: Why feel better after taking a bath?
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Why you feel cooling effect after taking bath?

After taking bath our body temperature became low and we feel relax that's help us for a good sleep

Why does taking a bath feel so nice?

It simulates being in the womb

How does a pickel feel in your mouth?

it feels like it is taking a bath in toxic waste

Why do you feel cold after taking a hot bath?

the explanation for this is to d with the latent heat of water.

How does a mouse feel when it is done taking a bath?

it will feel cold and very wet so don't overdue the bathat all only bath it for 5 seconds with a washcloth and warm water

How can you make orphans feel better?

By taking pressure off them

Why do you feel cold after taking hot water bath?

The hot water on your skin opens your pores, and makes you sweat. The sweat evaporates, taking body heat away - making you feel cold. When your body is cold - you shiver.

Why do you feel cold when you come out of the bathroom after taking a bath?

because all of your pours are opened due to the hot water and you feel the cold as it is blowing into and over those pours

What can you do to help yourself sleep better?

Try taking a warm bath or shower before you go to bed instead.

Taking a bath after biting venomous snake?

taking a bath after he bited a venomous snakes?what's the effect.

Is taking a bath after cooking safe?

Yes, taking a bath is always safe, just not always necessary.

How to make yourself feel better when you have period?

When you are having your periods, you can feel better by staying positive all day long.