Why don't people drink pee?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Because it's disgusting? Too many other drinks around. You can and should drink pee if you are lost and don't have water. It keeps you from dehydrating.

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Q: Why don't people drink pee?
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How do you not dilutte your pee?

dont drink a lot of water

Do we pee as much as we drink?

I dont know. Answer that question yourself by drinking your pee. Just take a piss, then measure how much you peed, then drink it, then the next time you pee, measure how much you peed.

why people have pee?

cuz u drink water

Did Marilyn Manson make people drink his pee?


How do hobos take showers?

I have no idea....I think they drink their pee, seriously if they are dying of drink. They take showers from pee I think. Pee I think kills bacteria because it has acid in them (I think). I dont have an exact answer but this is what I infer. Your daily helper, Diarrhea

Why do old people pee a lot?

they can drink more

Easiest way to clear cannabis out of your system?

milk and tea, and lotsa pee......... dont drink the pee though...... *Lots of water and cranberry pills.

What if she pees after intercoures?

drink it! it dont matter! pee on her! she'll luv it and ull prby have sex again :)

Does baby reborn eat or drink or pee or poop?

i dont know i cant get any answers who knows the answer

Why do we pee?

because we like to and we drink water :P ;p ;( happy the pee because if we dont pee, we would be filed with so much liquid it would come out through our eyes and the same happens with poo

What does pigs drink?

the drink pee

Explain the impact of the drought in the creation of the Dust Bowl?

The impact cause the people to feel dehydrated and made people drink their own pee. Some have lost their insantiy and they drink off other people's pee. That's why they are C7AY. B-)