Why doesn't transformice work?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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It happens when they TEMPORARILY (15 mins the most) shut down the server. It is usually because of updates etc. In other words, they restart the server. The famous sentence on Tfm: [SERVER] The server will restart in 2 minutes.

Everybody hates it, but without it Transformice wouldn't be able to work properly. :)

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Q: Why doesn't transformice work?
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When did Transformice happen?

Transformice happened in 2010.

How do you change profile on transformice?

By contacting transformice

Why does it say someone I want to friend in transformice doesn't exist?

The person you would like to befriend must be logged onto transformice on the same server as you if that doesn't work there must be a glitch

When was Transformice created?

Transformice was created on 2010-05-01.

What is the opposite of Transformice?

There will be a game called Transforcats. I guess thats a opposite of Transformice. Signed by Tannermo P.S. Tannermo is my Transformice username.

How come transformice doesn't work?

The server needs to be restarted sometimes. That's not such a big deal.

Where to download transformice hack?

On the internet. But do not hack, it is not nice when you get banned on Transformice.

How does a pool heater work?

it doesnt work, it breaks it doesnt work, it breaks it doesnt work, it breaks

Where is transformice?

What is 'red account' on Transformice Does it even exist?

The 'red account' on Transformice doesn't exist. It is only a myth.

How do you get 500O cheese on transformice?

You cant you have to WORK don't hack >.> Just go play and don't hack u idiots

How do you make a disco ball in transformice?

It is impossible, though if you wanted to make a moving ball or a ball with moving squares, it could work.