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Q: Why doesn't everyone have clean water?
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Has everyone in India acsess to food and clean water?


What percentage of Britain doesnt have access to clean safe water?

not many people

What is the democratic view on clean water?

everyone is equally thirsty.

Does everyone in Croatia have clean water?

Yes, it does. You can shower in it, you can cook with it, you can drink it...

What percentage of people in Spain have access to clean water?

The percentage of people in Spain that have access to clean water is 100%. Spain has made efforts to ensure everyone gets clean water.

Why does it hurt when you belly flop into a swimming pool but it doesnt hurt when you make a clean dive?

their is no air in the water

How do you clean a Monster High doll?

well you cant You can clean a m.h. doll by using warm soapy water and a rag. If that doesnt work use alcohol and clean the doll that way.

Why are water quality standards important?

if it is not clean there are parasites in it and when you ingest these they cause ailments and various diseases. this is why in poor countries with no clean drinking water more people die of disease.

Why should keeping water clean be an important priority?

Water is the one resource that everyone shares and is an important daily need. Drinking contaminated water can cause several diseases. So, keeping water clean is an important priority.

Why water conservation and controlling water pollution is important?

It is important to conserve water because there isn't enough clean water for everyone in the world. If we turn of our water faucets when there not being used and take shorter showers etc. it can help conserve our clean water

What do you do when you turn your filter on but it doesnt clean the water?

The filters are either ver dirty or clogged which wont allow the water to filter properly. I recommend that you replace the filters.

Does oil clean dimes?

no it doesnt