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Your nasal passages are inflamed and swollen - that is why it's hard to breath. Decongestants will alleviate the swelling somewhat.

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Q: Why does your nose stay plugged when you blow you nose?
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What is a home remedy for ears popping in a person?

hold nose with fingers, and blow out nose with it plugged. or just try and yawn

Why can't you hum with your nose plugged?

When you hum you blow out air to make the noise, but if you plug your nose, no air comes out and you cannot hum. It is possible to hum for a short time with your nose plugged, but you will be unable to do so for very long or at any volume.

How do you blow you nose?

You get a tissue and blow!

Why when you blow your nose does part of the snot get stuck somewhere around the bone in your upper nose?

yes that is why your get boogers stuck in your nose those borgers are sometimes dried snot from when you blow your nose if you do not blow your nose all the way.

How do you get chicken pie out of your nose?

blow your nose!!!

Is it bad to swallow mucus when you are sick?

No, in essence it is not. But it is better if you get if out if you can. Because it's going to stay in there until you blow it out your nose, or cough it up.

What if your nose is wet and you blow it regularly?

runny nose

Does a cow trust you if you blow up its nose?

No a cow will not trust you if you blow up its nose! What kind of question is that????!!!!!

Can you blow your nose while a starting nose piercing is in your nose?

Yes, you can. It may feel a bit awkward but you can definitely blow your nose. Just be aware that you may need to clean the part of the post that is inside your nose after you blow your nose since a small build up of mucus can form.

Is it proper to blow your nose into a cloth napkin at a restaurant?

No, get a tissue from the bathroom, better yet blow your nose there too.

Can you blow your nose after a fight?

If you want

Why is it desirable to blow your nose when necessary?

Not always. People blow their noses after they sneeze, because they might feel as if there is snot in their nose. If it is necessary.